With OSI Reviews you can enroll your top reviewers into a referral program where they can earn rewards when they refer friends to your store that purchase products.

Step 1: 

Log in to your OSI Reviews account. From the Dashboard, go to Manage Referral, and you can see 'Enable Referral Rewards' (by default this isn't should be enabled), you have to click the box to enable referral rewards.

Step 2. Configure the Rewards

Within the referral program settings, you can configure rewards for affiliates. You can typically provide three types of rewards:

Percentage Discount: The amount affiliates earn when they refer someone who buys from the store.

Flat Rate: Specify a fixed amount discount for referrals.

Free Shipping: Type of reward they will receive if they refer someone that purchases a product.

Note: The Manage Reward Email, you can edit the text of the reward email below that your customers receive when they refer someone who orders from your store.

Step 3. Click SUBMIT