When a customer's review qualifies them for the referral rewards program, here's what typically happens:

Step 1: Qualification

Customers who have written a review and meet the qualification criteria, such as rating a product at or above a specific level, are eligible for the referral rewards program.

In your admin dashboard, you may have the option to enable the referral rewards program. If it's enabled, the system will automatically identify eligible customers based on their reviews.

Step 1: Go to 'Manage Referrals' and then check the box 'Enable Referral Rewards'

Step 2: 

Once a customer qualifies for the referral rewards program, they are typically sent an email invitation to join the program. This email informs them about the program's benefits and how it works.

Step 3: Reward Distribution

The rewards earned by participating customers are typically in the form of a discount code, as you mentioned.

The customer will receive this one-time use discount code, which they can apply during checkout to receive a discount on their next purchase.