OSI Reviews is a powerful Wix app that will allow you to easily collect and display reviews for each of your Wix store products. The setup of OSI reviews can be done within just a few minutes by following these steps.

Step 1: Customize the Thank You Page Text

Log in to your OSI Reviews dashboard.  and then Go to the "Customization" section. Edit the default text on the Thank You Page for both 5-star and below 5-star reviews. Optionally, enable referral rewards for 5-star reviews. Then, SAVE your changes.

Step 2: Request Reviews via Email

Access the "Manage Reviews" section in your dashboard. Send review requests to recent customers via email. Add incentives to the email if desired. If needed, set up additional incentives through the dashboard and save your settings.

Step 3 (Optional): Manage Referral Program

Enable the referral rewards program, allowing customers to earn rewards by referring friends who make purchases of your products.

Access the "Manage Referral" section in the OSI Reviews dashboard. Configure the referral program settings, including rewards and conditions. Customize referral messages or emails as needed and Save the changes.

Now, anyone who leaves a review and matches your set conditions will be automatically enrolled into your referral program where they can receive rewards for referring their friends.